'Over the past few years I have called on Ruth to help several of my dogs.  When my elderly Golden Retriever and Labrador started to become obviously stiff and in pain through arthritis, Ruth treated them on a regular basis and helped their mobility enormously.  More recently my young Westie had to undergo major spinal surgery and it was vital that he healed as a quickly as possible to avoid any scarring causing permanent paralysis in his legs.  Ruth used McTimoney and laser therapy and the results were amazing.  The visible scar healed really quickly and his mobility is hugely improved.  I am so grateful for all the skill and professional care that Ruth is able to provide and my dogs thoroughly enjoy her treatments! Thanks very much.'


Helen Atton - F.I.D.O dog training


Ruth has been treating my four horses and ponies for over two years now and I am so glad I found her!  She has sorted out all manner of acute problems arising from falls/accidents such as sore shoulders/legs/backs with McTimoney treatment, usually in only one session, and she gives helpful ideas for exercises to use afterwards.  She has also treated splints and cuts with laser therapy to great effect, really accelerating the healing process.  I also turn to her to support any chronic issues arising from way of going such as poll and neck tension in my 'spooky' horse.  Ruth was immediately accepted by all four; she gains rapport easily with her calm, quiet manner without rushing.  Her love of horses is obvious and her knowledge and skills of both McTimoney and laser therapy for equines are highly impressive.  I'm very pleased to hear Ruth has now decided to run her practice full-time!


Dr. Elaine Atkins- Clocktower Stud


Just a update on Alfie he is so much better so much brighter, chasing his tail (not sure if this is good) but he is happy.  He slept all day and then did a lot of stretching. Thank you

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