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Greenhill Therapies also offers a similar selection of therapies for people so its not just your animals who will be more supple and moving better!  The therapies offered will be given as appropriate for the individual depending on the issues concerned but they can also be used in combination as required as they complement each other well.  Following a treatment/course of treatment continuous advice and support is offered as well as individual programmes for you to follow at home if appropiate. 

All of our therapeutic treatments have a single objective: to provide you with tailor-made solutions for your health and wellbeing. Modern technology, a well-qualified team, regular additional training and unique expertise in modern treatment methods are all part of our service. 

The range of treatments offered can be used to help a wide variety of different injuries or problems that you might be struggling with.  Please feel free to contact Greenhill Therapies and ask what treatments might benefit you.

Greenhill Therapies also specialises in rider assessments, whether you suffer with an ache/pain you only seem to get when riding or you find a particular movement hard.

Assessments can also benefit your horse as often if we are stiffer or weaker in an area of our bodies this will have a direct impact on our horses.  We often think about getting our horses checked, saddle fitted and farrier to ensure feet 100% but neglect ourselves.

Treat yourself (and your horse) and book a treatment for yourself when you have your horse treated.  Discounts are available for this service.

Your first appointment: what should I expect?

Treatment normally takes place in the comfort of your own home however clinic appointments are available if you prefer.  If you are having a treatment in your house we will need enough space for a portable treatment bench to be put up (it is about the size of a small single bed).  It's best to wear casual, comfortable sportswear. Before treatment a full medical history is taken and movement assesment is carried out, this helps to get as much detail about the condition treatment is being sort for to ensure we treat it effectively.  If you have a prescription from your doctor it is helpful to have it to hand as we need to know details of any medication you might be taking, if you have relevant X-rays these will also be helpful.  All information recieved during this process is strictly private and confidential.

Treatment schedule: designed to suit you

The first appointment usually take approximately an hour and a half due to the time needed for detailed assessment.  Follow up treatments normally last an hour, although shorter specific treatment sessions are available if required.

Interested in finding out more about treatments?

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